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Bogged Down in Blog Town: A Year Between Posts

Dear oh dear as I look at the date the last blog was posted; one year to the day! Yikes!

The main question I would ask is what is there to say? If I’m to be honest with myself I would say I got carried away over the last 12 months, burying my head in the podcast, organising and chasing guests. What a rush it has been. The Bazaar is thriving and going from strength to strength, why would I stop? Don’t worry the podcast isn’t going the way of the dodo quite yet.

If you’ve been an eager listener of the show you’ll have picked up I am, rather often, on the road. As the Merchant moniker coincidentally now suggests, I am a real-life merchant of sorts. Travelling the world (trying) to sell my wares. Since we last spoke I’ve provided 26 Bazaar’s, 6 Stock Rooms and 1 Pop Up Shop the latter two I wish to do more of in this coming year.

One of the best things I’ve come to learn in the last year is that if you put yourself out there, things will happen. Not to go all Tony Robbins on you here but nothing is achieved on the couch. It’s amazing you can watch a film, have so many questions and not only discuss it with your friends, but to be able to discuss with the director or the writer! The power of the internet is certainly sometimes understated until you know how to use it.

Just a quick little update as I noticed a year went by.  We’ve had the launch of The Order of The Hexagon; a collaboration between myself and good friend of the show Martin Adil-Smith (The Spirals of Danu) with great help from David Weiner (It Came From Blog). With the sad loss of UK Horror Scene, I needed somewhere to take my opinions. It’s a fun website I’d like you to check out as we continue to grow it slowly but surely.

Lastly, I’d like to thank you the reader and hopefully listener, for supporting myself and the The Bazaar for another year.

Stay tuned for more posts and podcasts in the future (I mean it this time!)

Your friend,

- The Fear Merchant