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Setting Up Shop: The Origins of The Bazaar

Hello there and welcome to our very first blog post: The Merchant's Musings.

In the spirit of the #TryPod initiative doing the rounds on Twitter this March, soon coming to a close, we’ll be talking a little about the background of:
The Bazaar - The Fear Merchant Podcast or The Bazaar Cast as it is more well known.

Not so long ago the @TheFearMerchant Twitter handle was born in (early 2015, to be precise). Some may be familiar with this story; @TheFearMerchant spawned from a joke about the Resident Evil 4 Merchant (who can still be heard at the start of the podcast) while some friends and I were streaming Resident Evil HD Remaster on Twitch. Initially touted as "The Fear Merchants", the operation eventually went solo due in part to moving houses. Shortly after this serendipity smiled my way and I began writing horror reviews for It was through this medium that I saw some good-quality independent films ranging from five minutes to full length features. Along the way, I got to chat via email with the men and women who produced these little gems, but I never saw the potential of a podcast from these interactions.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I noticed a few podcasts were following me on Twitter and I thought, “Why not reach out and try to get on one of these as a guest?”. It was then that the seeds were sown and left to gestate for another few months.
Fast forward to the summer of 2016. Stephen Manley, an actor who had played a teenage Spock in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984), reached out on Twitter to promote Ghosthunters (2016) from The Asylum. I got the chance to speak to him but our interview ended up being typed up and posted on UK Horror Scene (read here). He was a fascinating character to talk to and I was kicking myself that our two hour plus conversation will forever remain between the two of us.
Through encouragement from the guys over at No Sequel For You Podcast (Educating Brad at the time) and the PreeshCast, I finally decided in November 2016 to get down and dirty and reach out to all those cool people whose films I had enjoyed over the course of two years as The Fear Merchant. Then, on the 22nd of November 2016, The Bazaar finally opened for business.

The name itself was a play on words. The content of the podcasts focus on horror (or the bizarre) but, tying into the “Fear Merchant” aesthetic, the name is also reflective of a market place that brings people together to exchange goods and services. The ultimate goal is to build a wholesome and healthy network within the horror community. I've since gotten feedback from some guests that they are starting collaborations so that is absolutely fantastic to hear and the show is growing month to month thanks to loyal fans, friends, and listeners.

I can't thank everyone enough who has been following this merchant's journey so far.

Stay tuned for more posts and podcasts in the future.

Your friend,

- The Fear Merchant