The Fear Merchant

Join us at The Bazaar for scares, laughs, and banter!

Welcome to The Bazaar - The Fear Merchant Podcast!

This show has casual discussions with the men and women who bring you all types of horror, sci-fi, the bizarre and more; from the pages to the screen and everything in between.
Released fortnightly, we will be discussing influences, background, current works, the future and lots more.
The Bazaar is a platform for people to be heard and to build relationships within the fantastic horror community and beyond.
Join us for scares, laughs and jovial banter!

The Stock Room

The more casual side of The Bazaar; join us out back, talking shop!
Grab yourself a box or palette and soak it all up, myself and friends of the show chat about what’s new and topical.

Films, television series, news and views, we have it all here in The Stock Room.

If you’d like to step through the beaded doorway into the back and talk with me, shoot me an email or comment on SoundCloud!

Let’s see do we have it in stock.

Join the discussion on Twitter and don't be a stranger! Come back anytime!

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